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Imperials-Plus-Logo-260Two Paths, The Online Radio Show has two ‘paths’. The show airs live weekly from 10-11am PT by streaming audio on Simply click on the link or type this URL into the area you would any other URL to reach the online station.

This is how the ‘two paths’ work. One week is a #MusicPathFriday. The alternate week is a #LawPathFriday. This is how Keith Galliher Jr. Esq. shares his extensive knowledge of the law on one Friday and on alternating Fridays, Keith and Clarence entertain us with their wonderful music.

The Music Path Show has a unique feature. Sometimes Keith and Clarence need some research done about a singer, a song or something else related to the music they sing. This is called a ‘Music Mystery Challenge’. So far there have been three of them. This is how it works.





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When there is a challenge, ‘Ace Detective’ and Music Publicist Alison D. Gilbert,  is called upon to solve it. The first challenge, photo at left, involved finding the two boys that wrote some songs that interested Keith and Clarence. They had been searching for them about a year and a half to no avail. Ace, that’s me, was able to find them in about two hours!


The next challenge was a little harder. A member of the Teddy Randazzo family needed to be contacted. Contact information was found but the phone number was temporarily disconnected. The next move was to make Facebook friend requests of all the Randazzo family members. In about two days, Teddy Randazzo Jr. responded. Second challenge solved.

In addition, an extensive amount of research continues to be done including interviews with as close to primary sources as possible. Notes are being taken, family photos are being gathered and even a family tree is being created. A Teddy Randazzo Music Story is being birthed as a result of solving this challenge and continuing to look outside of that box to learn more about his prolific songwriting, beautiful singing and teen movie idol career.



Music Mystery Challenge #3 had its own spin. Teddy Randazzo had given Teddy, Jr. a copy of the album, ‘We’re Gonna Rock Tonight’. He mentioned it on the last #MusicPathFriday. Keith and Clarence were curious to see how many of this album were still around and the value of it. The March 25th Two Paths show will reveal the answer and some other fascinating tidbits.




Enjoy this song that was written by Teddy and sung by Keith and Clarence. It is called ‘Destiny’ and is from the ‘Teddy’s Songs CD.