Keith Galliher Jr. Music shared a page. Published by Keith Galliher · July 22 at 4:38pm · “Great news! More awards from the Akademia. We received this e-mail today.” ‘We wanted to take this opportunity to formally congratulate you on winning The Akademia Music Award for Best Pop / Soul Song for ‘Be Kissed Be

  • June 2016: Keith Galliher Jr. Music Records at The Studio At The Palms

    Keith Galliher Jr. Music Published by Keith Galliher · June 8, 2016 · IN THE STUDIO Photos Credit: Corina Bautista KEITH GALLIHER JR. MUSIC ACTIVITIES FOR JUNE 2016 “We’re back in the studio on June 14 and also, on June 20. We record: • ‘Stop, Be Kissed and Be Loved’ on the 14th of June

  • January 2016: “Hurts So Bad” Music Video Released by Keith Galliher, Jr. Music

    The new ‘Hurts So Bad’ music video has officially been released. Sung by Keith Galliher, Jr., this Teddy Randazzo classic has been choreographed. The video was directed by Jeff Ross and a talented group of actors and dancers. Keith Galliher Jr. Music added 3 new photos — with Keith Galliher and Corina Bautista. Published by

  • Keith Galliher Jr. Music Announces New Music Publicist

    A Keith Galliher Jr. Music announcement published by Keith Galliher · 17 hrs · February 11, 2016 “I am pleased and proud to announce that Alison D Gilbert has been officially named as the Music Publicist for Keith Galliher Jr Music. Alison is working tirelessly to promote what we are doing and we thank her for all of

  • Teddy Randazzo From A Sinatra Family Perspective

    Teddy Randazzo, Who Wrote Hundreds of Popular Songs, Dies at 68 By THE NEW YORK TIMES Published: November 26, 2003 I found this Teddy Randazzo obituary from The New York Times on the Sinatra Family Forum section of  their website, SinatraFamily.com. Although it is not recent, it seems to be more accurate than many others bios I have read about

  • ‘Two Paths’, Took the Music Path Again

    Two Paths, The Radio Show took the #MusicPath again. This is only the second time in the history of this show hosted by Keith Galliher, Jr. with Clarence Collins that this has happened. Was it an accident? Absolutely not! It was scheduled that way and turned out to be a thrill for everyone. Listeners did get to hear

  • Hurt So Bad Music Video Produced

    The Imperials Plus Records Company has taken another leap into music videos. The production was completed this month. It was choreographed  to the Teddy Randazzo song that was popularized by Little Anthony & the Imperials as well as by Linda Ronstadt, Hurt So Bad. The singing is done by Keith Galliher Jr . The video was created

  • A Second ‘Music Path’ is Coming on 2.5.2016

    Two Paths, The Radio Show is called that because its host, Keith Galliher is both an attorney and a singer. Each Friday at 10-11am PST on America Matters, he either talks law or sings music. He alternates Fridays to accomplish this. But this Friday, February 4th, from 10-11am PST something unprecedented is going to happen. A

  • ‘Teddy’s Songs’ CD Is Released

    Teddy’s Songs, the CD tribute to Teddy Randazzo has been released. It’s premiere was on the January 29th’s, Two Paths, The Radio Show. On hand was the usual cast of characters, show hosts Keith Galliher Jr with Clarence Collins, America Matters Media host, Eddie Floyd, engineer Craig Moss with special guests, Teddy Randazzo Jr. and

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