• AUGUST 2016: Keith Galliher Jr Duet with Donna Lynne Written by Teddy Randazzo

    Keith Galliher Jr. Music added 2 new photos Published by Keith Galliher · August 8, 2016  “Donna Lynne and I are recording a duet at The Studio at The Palms on Wednesday. We will be doing ‘Never Gonna Know’. This song was written by Teddy Randazzo and has never been recorded before. I’m looking forward

  • May 2016: Recording “Make A Wish” by Keith Galliher Jr. Music

    Keith Galliher Jr. Music added 11 new photos. Published by Keith Galliher · April 29 at 4:44pm · Las Vegas, NV · “We recorded ‘Make A Wish’ at The Studio At The Palms in Las Vegas on April 27, 2016 beginning at 9:00AM PST. This song has never been recorded before so it’s fresh and

  • Keith Galliher Jr. Music Expands Social Media Presence

    Keith Galliher Jr. Music is expanding its social media presence. We now have two websites, the original KeithGalliherJr.com which focuses  primarily on Keith’s music and this newer ImperialsPlusRecords.com. It contains the latest news about our activity, events and awards with the subject posted on the scrolling bar at the top of all the pages. WEBSITES PINTEREST BOARDS There are several boards on the


    SOULWALKING: THE ARTISTS I happened upon a great music website soulwalking.co.uk. One of the sections features music groups that are considered ‘soul’ groups and contributors to the unique genre. Little Anthony & The Imperials qualifies and is mentioned. SOULWALKING: CONTINUING WITH THE ARTISTS Continuing on the same website are mentions of both Clarence Collins and

  • Keith Galliher Jr. Music Announces New Music Publicist

    A Keith Galliher Jr. Music announcement published by Keith Galliher · 17 hrs · February 11, 2016 “I am pleased and proud to announce that Alison D Gilbert has been officially named as the Music Publicist for Keith Galliher Jr Music. Alison is working tirelessly to promote what we are doing and we thank her for all of

  • A Second ‘Music Path’ is Coming on 2.5.2016

    Two Paths, The Radio Show is called that because its host, Keith Galliher is both an attorney and a singer. Each Friday at 10-11am PST on America Matters, he either talks law or sings music. He alternates Fridays to accomplish this. But this Friday, February 4th, from 10-11am PST something unprecedented is going to happen. A

  • Who We Are And What We Do

    Imperials Plus Records is our official, legal name. Keith Galliher Jr. Music is the name Keith uses for his facebook page and other social media. Clarence Collins is distinguished from anyone else with the same name by having the words ‘Entertainer and Founder of Little Anthony & The Imperials’ after his name on his social

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