• New Brand for ‘Two Paths, The Internet Radio Show’

    Two Paths, The Internet Radio Show has a new brand. Both the logo and the background for the facebook page have been changed. So when you see this art, you will know you are in the right place. The law path show is hosted by Keith Galliher, Jr Esq and the music path show by Keith Galliher Jr.

  • ‘Two Paths’, Took the Music Path Again

    Two Paths, The Radio Show took the #MusicPath again. This is only the second time in the history of this show hosted by Keith Galliher, Jr. with Clarence Collins that this has happened. Was it an accident? Absolutely not! It was scheduled that way and turned out to be a thrill for everyone. Listeners did get to hear

  • A Second ‘Music Path’ is Coming on 2.5.2016

    Two Paths, The Radio Show is called that because its host, Keith Galliher is both an attorney and a singer. Each Friday at 10-11am PST on America Matters, he either talks law or sings music. He alternates Fridays to accomplish this. But this Friday, February 4th, from 10-11am PST something unprecedented is going to happen. A

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