• AUGUST 2016: Report on The Recording Session for ‘Never Gonna Know’

    Keith Galliher Jr. Music Published by Keith Galliher Tuesday · August 9, 2016 · “Clarence Collins (image to left) will be producing tomorrow’s recording of ‘Never Gonna Know’ at the Studio at The Palms. Donna Lynne and I are looking forward to the duet! Clarence will be directing our efforts at the studio and has hinted

  • June 2016: Keith Galliher Jr. Music Records at The Studio At The Palms

    Keith Galliher Jr. Music Published by Keith Galliher · June 8, 2016 · IN THE STUDIO Photos Credit: Corina Bautista KEITH GALLIHER JR. MUSIC ACTIVITIES FOR JUNE 2016 “We’re back in the studio on June 14 and also, on June 20. We record: • ‘Stop, Be Kissed and Be Loved’ on the 14th of June

  • “Ain’t No Sunshine’ on 15th Week as #1 Easy Listening song in Niger, Africa

    From Keith Galliher Jr. Music Published by Keith Galliher · March 15 at 1:55pm · “Ain’t No Sunshine” just started its 8th consecutive week as the number 1 Easy Listening song in Niger, Africa. This song has been number 1 for a total of 15 weeks. Let’s hope the run continues! music.okihika.com An extra insight . . . this


    SOULWALKING: THE ARTISTS I happened upon a great music website soulwalking.co.uk. One of the sections features music groups that are considered ‘soul’ groups and contributors to the unique genre. Little Anthony & The Imperials qualifies and is mentioned. SOULWALKING: CONTINUING WITH THE ARTISTS Continuing on the same website are mentions of both Clarence Collins and

  • Who We Are And What We Do

    Imperials Plus Records is our official, legal name. Keith Galliher Jr. Music is the name Keith uses for his facebook page and other social media. Clarence Collins is distinguished from anyone else with the same name by having the words ‘Entertainer and Founder of Little Anthony & The Imperials’ after his name on his social

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