• Keith Galliher, Jr Music is Akademia winner for Best Jazz Song

    From the Akademia Team and posted by Keith Galliher on January 24th, 2018: “Dear Keith Galliher Jr., Congratulations again on your recent Akademia Award win for Best Jazz Song for ‘It’s Impossible’! To be distinguished for creative excellence amongst a crowded field of competitors is an important achievement. Yet, equally important is the process of

  • October 2016: Shimmy Shimmy Koko Bop Keeps On Spinning

    Keith Galliher Jr. Music Published by Keith Galliher · October 6, 2016 · “Dear Keith E. Galliher Jr., First, we would like to apologize for the slight delay in delivering your latest spin report. Quite frankly, this was due to the unusually large volume of spin data received for your song ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko

  • September 2016: ‘Richer Than I’ Is An Akademia Music Awards Winner

    Keith Galliher Jr. Music Published by Keith Galliher · September 21, 2016 · ‘I am pleased to tell you that “Richer Than I (Reggae)” WON the Akademia Music Award for Best Cover song. Here is the notification. You can click on the link bellow to see the winner’s certificate’.


    Keith Galliher Jr. Music shared a page. Published by Keith Galliher · July 22 at 4:38pm · “Great news! More awards from the Akademia. We received this e-mail today.” ‘We wanted to take this opportunity to formally congratulate you on winning The Akademia Music Award for Best Pop / Soul Song for ‘Be Kissed Be

  • July 2016: What’s New With ‘A Song Without An End’

    Keith Galliher Jr. Music Published by Keith Galliher · July 13 at 3:54pm · “A Song Without An End” was played last night on the Nevada Matters Radio Show. This song is a Finalist for the Akademia Music Awards and is the subject of two music videos. Many thanks to the hosts their kind praise

  • May 2016: ‘Teddy’s Songs’ Named Akademia Music Awards Best Cover/R&B Album

    Keith Galliher Jr. Music Published by Keith Galliher Page Liked · Yesterday · Akademia Best Album cover Award/R&B Good News! “Teddy’s Songs” was named a Winner of the May 2016 The Akademia Music Awards in the category of Best Cover/R&B Album. Many thanks to The Akademia for this honor. They said very nice things about

  • ‘Words’ Is Finalist In Akademia Awards Cover Category

    “A little surprise today. An Akademia Music Award for ‘Words’ turned up. I was previously unaware that this song had been nominated. The song was a Finalist in the Cover category. Here is the link to the Finalist Award with a copy of the song’s CD cover. We had 29 songs nominated out of the 32

  • Exclusive Invitation: The 2016 Akademia Gala Event

    To: Keith Galliher Subject: Exclusive Invitation- The 2016 Akademia Gala Event Dear Keith E Galliher Jr, As an Akademia Award winner, it is with great pleasure that we cordially invite you to the 2016 Akademia Gala Event in Los Angeles, California on April 21, 2016. At this event, we will be honoring your musical achievements,

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