January 2018: The Song, ‘I’m Missing Everything’ Added to Ten Radio Stations

More great news for Keith Galliher Jr. Music from The Akademia and Published by Keith Galliher · 12 hrs · on January 24th, 2018
Dear Keith Galliher Jr.,

“Congratulations are in order! We have been informed that your song ‘I’m Missing Everything’ has received a great listener response in its second month of rotation. This response has come in the form of heavy listener requests and tune-ins. Please click here to view your spin report summarizing the second month of airplay: http://www.TheAkademia.com/…/KeithGalliherJr-ImMissingEvery…

But there’s more good news. We recently met with our program directors and are pleased to inform you that they’ve placed your song ‘I’m Missing Everything’ on the following ten additional stations, starting January 1st.

KHTP Hot XR Phoenix, Arizona USA

KHLV Hot XR Las Vegas, Nevada USA

KHTD Hot XR Denver, Colorado USA

KHSL Hot XR Salt Lake City, Utah USA

KHTS Hot XR San Antonio, Texas USA

Jam XR Radio Sao Paulo, Brazil

Jam XR Radio Mexico City, Mexico

Jam XR Radio Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jam XR Radio Lima, Peru

Jam XR Radio Santiago, Chile

Trending Regions: Southwestern United States, Central America, South America

This is the excellent news. Radio play on ten additional stations targeting large population centers like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and more will further expand your listener base and continue to build momentum for your radio single. You can locate your song on the Pop playlists of these stations. In most cases, you’ll want to tune in to the Pop genre to hear your song in rotation.

Congratulations again on your success! We will continue to provide you with more updates from the radio stations as we receive them.

Kind regards,

The Akademia Team

The Akademia
633 W. Fifth Street, 26th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Keith Galliher Jr. – I’m Missing Everything
Level of rotation is determined by the program director at each station and is based upon a combination of song quality and listener response. Each station also records and tracks listener…

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