Tom Moffatt Appears on Two Paths, The Internet Radio Show, Friday, April 8th, 2016

Tom Moffatt of Tom Moffat Productions, Hawaii

Tom Moffatt of Tom Moffat Productions, Hawaii


Tom Moffatt of Tom Moffatt Productions in Hawaii is the special guest on the April 8th presentation of #MusicPathFriday on Two Paths, The Internet Radio Show.

Tom, who has lived in Hawaii for many years was both a colleague and good friend of the late, Teddy Randazzo. Teddy appeared in a number of Tom’s Hawaiian productions and was involved in producing the album, Honolulu City Lights.Finding and connecting with Tom as well as locating the album were both part of the latest #MusicMysteryChallenge solved by #AceDetective, Alison D. Gilbert. Alison had the opportunity to speak with Tom on the phone.

Tom and Keith Galliher, Jr. then connected and plans were solidified for Tom to be the show’s special guest. In addition, Teddy Randazzo, Jr. will be a guest on the show. Keith is the host and Clarence Collins is co-host.




Honolulu City Lights is the most popular album ever to come out of Hawaii, EVER!

Honolulu City Lights Album for Sale on eBay

Honolulu City Lights Album for Sale on eBay









Keith Galliher Jr. Music
Published by Keith Galliher · 2:30 PST APRIL 8 ·

Linaka A Written by Teddy Randazzo

Linaka A, Written by Teddy Randazzo

Today’s Two Paths Internet Radio Show featured the music. We played Teddy Randazzo’s demos of ” Moelani” and “Premonition” followed by our versions of ” Linaka A” and “Premonition”. We ended the show with the Keith/Teddy duet of “A Song Without An End”. Special guests were Teddy Randazzo Jr. and Tom Moffatt. Tom is a radio show host and music promoter from Honolulu , Hawaii. We spent some time with Tom and Teddy Jr. talking about the late and great Teddy Randazzo. Clarence Collins co-hosted and participated in the interviews. Kudos to our Ace Detective Alison D. Gilbert for locating Tom and encouraging him to participate in the show. Many thanks to all who participated in today’s show!

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