• February 2016: Akademia Radio Division Latest Spin Reports

    From: The Akademia Radio Division Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2016 9:00 PM To: Keith Galliher Subject: Your Radio Campaign- Updates Dear Keith E. Galliher Jr., First of all, we would like to wish you congratulations! We have been informed that your song ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop’ received a strong listener response in its second

  • Keith Galliher Jr. Music Expands Social Media Presence

    Keith Galliher Jr. Music is expanding its social media presence. We now have two websites, the original KeithGalliherJr.com which focuses  primarily on Keith’s music and this newer ImperialsPlusRecords.com. It contains the latest news about our activity, events and awards with the subject posted on the scrolling bar at the top of all the pages. WEBSITES PINTEREST BOARDS There are several boards on the

  • ‘Words’ Is Finalist In Akademia Awards Cover Category

    “A little surprise today. An Akademia Music Award for ‘Words’ turned up. I was previously unaware that this song had been nominated. The song was a Finalist in the Cover category. Here is the link to the Finalist Award with a copy of the song’s CD cover. We had 29 songs nominated out of the 32

  • “Ain’t No Sunshine’ on 15th Week as #1 Easy Listening song in Niger, Africa

    From Keith Galliher Jr. Music Published by Keith Galliher · March 15 at 1:55pm · “Ain’t No Sunshine” just started its 8th consecutive week as the number 1 Easy Listening song in Niger, Africa. This song has been number 1 for a total of 15 weeks. Let’s hope the run continues! music.okihika.com An extra insight . . . this

  • New Brand for ‘Two Paths, The Internet Radio Show’

    Two Paths, The Internet Radio Show has a new brand. Both the logo and the background for the facebook page have been changed. So when you see this art, you will know you are in the right place. The law path show is hosted by Keith Galliher, Jr Esq and the music path show by Keith Galliher Jr.

  • Exclusive Invitation: The 2016 Akademia Gala Event

    To: Keith Galliher Subject: Exclusive Invitation- The 2016 Akademia Gala Event Dear Keith E Galliher Jr, As an Akademia Award winner, it is with great pleasure that we cordially invite you to the 2016 Akademia Gala Event in Los Angeles, California on April 21, 2016. At this event, we will be honoring your musical achievements,

  • Press Release for February Akademia Music Awards Winners

    Here is the Press Release from The Akademia Music Awards indicating that ‘DESTINY’, sung by Keith Galliher Jr. has won in February 2016 for Best Pop/R&B song. His award can be viewed by clicking on this link. X                             X Click here to view the Full