• Keith Galliher Jr. Was Pinned by Nevada Magazine

    Look who Nevada Magazine featured. They wrote, “Longtime Las Vegan Keith Galliher Jr.’s life has taken an unexpected turn—he has taken up singing. And we’re not just talking about singing in the shower. He has several songs that are seeing airplay in the Bahamas and New York City, as well as on radio stations across

  • A Second ‘Music Path’ is Coming on 2.5.2016

    Two Paths, The Radio Show is called that because its host, Keith Galliher is both an attorney and a singer. Each Friday at 10-11am PST on America Matters, he either talks law or sings music. He alternates Fridays to accomplish this. But this Friday, February 4th, from 10-11am PST something unprecedented is going to happen. A

  • Who We Are And What We Do

    Imperials Plus Records is our official, legal name. Keith Galliher Jr. Music is the name Keith uses for his facebook page and other social media. Clarence Collins is distinguished from anyone else with the same name by having the words ‘Entertainer and Founder of Little Anthony & The Imperials’ after his name on his social

  • ‘Teddy’s Songs’ CD Is Released

    Teddy’s Songs, the CD tribute to Teddy Randazzo has been released. It’s premiere was on the January 29th’s, Two Paths, The Radio Show. On hand was the usual cast of characters, show hosts Keith Galliher Jr with Clarence Collins, America Matters Media host, Eddie Floyd, engineer Craig Moss with special guests, Teddy Randazzo Jr. and