I happened upon a great music website One of the sections features music groups that are considered ‘soul’ groups and contributors to the unique genre. Little Anthony & The Imperials qualifies and is mentioned.

Little Anthony & The Imperials

Little Anthony & The Imperials from

Continuing on the same website are mentions of both Clarence Collins and Teddy Randazzo.

In 1973 they released ‘On A New Street’, and reached the R & B charts with the songs ‘La La La (At the End)’, and ‘I’m Falling In Love With You’, with half of the album produced by Teddy Randazzo, the second side by Thom Bell.

A second LP for Avco Records entitled ‘Hold On’ was scheduled for release, but never saw the light of day.

In 1977, Clarence Collins formed his own version of the ‘lmperials’, touring Britain that year, after signing to the Power Exchange imprint.

Who's Gonna Love Me?Daylight

who’s gonna love me? – 1977 / daylight – 1980

The line up re-recorded ‘Better Use Your Head’, and released a dance track entitled ‘Who’s Gonna Love Me’, with an album of the same name being released (featuring the popular ‘Do What I Gotta Do’).

In 1980, Anthony Gourdine released ‘Daylight’ on the gospel imprint Songbird.

Clarence Collins left in the group in 1988, and was replaced by Sherman James.

By 2002, the group were performing acapella versions of their older material.

The group toured up until Sammy Strain retired in 2004, and Harold Jenkins returned to the fold to take his place.

Live: Up Close and PersonalLittle Anthony & The Imperials

live: up close and personal – 2003 / you’ll never know – 2008

Little Anthony & The Imperials released a new LP in 2008 entitled, ‘You’ll Never Know’.

The group was announced as inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on the 14th of January 2009.

They were inducted on the 4th of April 2009.

That took things to 2009. In addition, there is a section on the website that is titled “Been Missed’ and ‘Listen Out For’. Nothing more was mentioned about Clarence Collins. There is a new ‘career’ to ‘SHOUT OUT’. I thought it would be a good idea to contact Soulwalker to update their information.

I wrote the following PRESS RELEASE of sorts to Walker. I hope this information will be published so fans can listen out for the great music being produced now by Clarence and Keith on Imperials Plus Records.

Hello Toby,
I happened upon your fascinating website. Thank you for all the work you do and have done to keep ‘soul music’ alive and in our hearts.

I wanted to update you on the whereabout and activities of Clarence Collins, founder and former member of Little Anthony & The Imperials.
Since retiring from the group, Clarence has formed a new partnership with Keith Galliher Jr, Music. They co-own Imperials Plus Records based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It is a fascinating combination that is in its beginnings with the potential of a very bright future. Keith Galliher Jr., an attorney for over forty years discover within the last five years that he could sing.

With the guidance, production and backup singing from a seasoned pro like Clarence and music from various great songwriters like, Teddy Randazzo especially, they are on their way . They have just completed their third CD, Teddy’s Songs.

There is so much more to share. Is there somewhere I can send you a copy of this memorable CD?

Just one more thing for now, there is a streaming audio show at on Fridays from 10-11am PST called, Two Paths, The Radio Show starring Keith and Clarence. #LawPath Fridays alternate with #MusicPath Fridays each week. It’s a great combination of legal education and delightful music with special musical guests. We’ve been doing a series on Teddy, Sr. featuring Teddy Randazzo, Jr., his son and a musician in his own right.

The lineage of great soul is being kept alive. From Teddy’s songs to Little Anthony and other great singers. From Clarence introducing Teddy’s music to Keith with Clarence producing and guiding him.

In gratitude to your efforts, I am the Music Publicist for Keith, Clarence and all their activities. My mission is to keep the music alive and thriving, too. I am available to you for any additional info you would like or if you would just like to chat about this great musical genre and history.

Mostly sincerely,
Alison D. Gilbert, Music Publicist

And his very prompt and kind response.

Hi Alison,

Thank you for getting in touch with me. Thank you for your kind words as well.

Thank you for the information regarding Clarence. I am always interested in anything, artists from his generation, are doing these days.

I would love a copy of your CD, although I should let you know I am U.K. based. Mailing can be expensive, so if an electronic copy would be easier for you, that is great as well.

Thank you again,

Best wishes,

Toby Walker @ Soulwalking

Isn’t social media communication and the Internet just wonderful?

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