January ‘Play Numbers’ from The Akademia Radio Division for Keith Galliher Jr. Music

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Published by Keith Galliher · Feb 10, 2016 ·  4:05 pm PST We received notification from the 5 FM radio stations that, in January, “Wake Up The World” was played 784 times on the air and ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop” was played 773 times on the air. This is “heavy rotation”. The number of plays was based upon listeners response and the opinions of program directors regarding the quality of the songs.

This is very good news. Because of the success of these songs in January, they will continue to be played on the same five FM stations in February and they will also be played in 5 new FM stations as identified in an email from The Akademia which was published recently on the Keith Galliher Jr. Music page.

Here is the email  from The Akademia Radio Division. An identical one for “Wake Up The World” was sent.


Here is one of the most popular songs sung by Keith Galliher Jr. Music, Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop (Night Club).


Imperials Plus Records

Shimmy Shimmy Ko ko Bop originally sung by Little anthony & The Imperials

“Dear Keith E. Galliher Jr.,

It appears that congratulations are in order! We have been informed that your song ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop’ received a very strong listener response in its first month of heavy rotation on five stations. This response has come in the form of heavy listener requests and tune-ins.
This is great news and a strong indication that you’ve got a potential hit on your hands. Please click here to view your spin report summarizing the first month of airplay: January ‘Play Numbers’ for Keith Galliher Jr. Music


But there’s more good news. We recently met with program directors from the Power FM Franchise and are pleased to inform you that we’ve secured rotation for your song ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop’ on the following five Power FM stations effective February 1st:


Enjoy the song with the top numbers for January, ‘Wake Up The World’ written by the Molfetta Brothers and sung by Keith Galliher, Jr.

You can also enjoy the the ‘Degrees of Separation’ blog post of how the songwriters of, ‘Wake Up The World’ were found by Two Paths, The Radio Show‘s #AceDetective.

Imperials Plus Records

The Molfetta Brothers, Songwriters

KSPR Radio San Francisco, California USA
KPRP Radio San Francisco,USA

KBPR Radio Boston, Massachusetts US

KPPR Radio Paris, France

KRPR Radio Rome, Italy

KMPR Radio Manila, Philippines

“This is the break we were hoping for. Radio play on five additional stations in major population centers across the world (San Francisco, Boston, Paris, Rome, Manila) will reach a significant number of new listeners and expose your music to a wider audience. Please be sure to share these station links with your family, friends and fans and encourage them to tune in.

Congratulations, again, on your success. We will continue to keep you updated on news as we receive it from the stations. As always, we are here to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Kind regards,
The Akademia”

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