Keith Galliher Jr. Music Announces New Music Publicist

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Keith Galliher Jr. of Keith Galliher Jr. Music

Keith Galliher Jr. Music announcement published by Keith Galliher · 17 hrs · February 11, 2016

“I am pleased and proud to announce that Alison D Gilbert has been officially named as the Music Publicist for Keith Galliher Jr Music. Alison is working tirelessly to promote what we are doing and we thank her for all of her efforts and talent. We hope Alison will be with us for a long time!”

Thank You For Showing Your Appreciation Keith Galliher Jr. Music for your above announcement.’ Alison D. Gilbert ‘Wonderful things have happened from my being an A.M. News Correspondent Rockville Centre NY USA for a year. ‘I have been listening live and calling in since Feb 10,2015, thanks to a lead from friend and social media colleague, Kevin J Gillard. ‘I became friendly with the hosts, Eddie Floyd and Dennis Romeo and then James Newberg. Every morning was a treat and so much fun with #GingerShineAli and #FisheyeBroth.

Imperials Plus Records

Shimmy Shimmy Koko Bop Song

‘After a time, I heard about other terrific shows on America Matters MediaKeith Galliher Jr. Music singing #ShimmySimmyKokoBop  became our favorite song and introduced us on A.M. News to Two Paths, The Radio Show.

‘I started to listen and call in regularly. Before I knew it, I was also mesmerized by Clarence Collins, Entertainer and founder of Little Anthony & The ImperialsTeddy Randazzo and Imperials Plus Records.

‘Thanks to Keith Galliher Jr. Music Clarence Collins, Entertainer and founder of Little Anthony & The Imperials and everyone on America Matters Media for the wonderful new opportunity as Music Publicist.

‘Social media tools I am using include Facebook pages for Keith Galliher Jr. Music Clarence Collins, Entertainer and founder of Little Anthony & The Imperials Two Paths, The Radio Show Imperials Plus Records. Other social media communication/publicity venues including a
website and blog as well as pages on Google+ Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and  Vimeo

‘Shimmy Shimmy Koko Bop’ audio

About Alison D. Gilbert

I am a retired entrepreneur who has followed my passions in ART and DESIGN | FOOD and HEALING | SOCIAL MEDIA and SOCIAL ISSUES for over 30 years. In addition to these continued interests, my latest passions are MUSIC and MOVIES. As a result of this, I am immersed in learning as much as I can about music, primarily American Music from the 1920's through the 1970's, and sharing the joys I am finding in it with others. The Imperials Plus Records Blog & Website is an expression of this new discovery and my desire to share the pleasure it is giving me and may provide to so many other people. In addition, I have numerous social media venues about my original passions and these new interests. Please feel free to visit by going to my blog and website,

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