‘Two Paths’, Took the Music Path Again

The Two Paths logo

The Two Paths logo

Two Paths, The Radio Show took the #MusicPath again. This is only the second time in the history of this show hosted by Keith Galliher, Jr. with Clarence Collins that this has happened. Was it an accident? Absolutely not! It was scheduled that way and turned out to be a thrill for everyone.

Listeners did get to hear some music. But this show was unique in its abundance and predominance of storytelling. The focus of the storytelling was on Teddy Randazzo, his life  and his music. In attendance were the station owner and host, Eddie Floyd, the show hosts, Keith and Clarence, two scheduled guests, Teddy Randazzo Jr. and Tony Page, a former musician and friend of Teddy Randazzo. There was also a ‘surprise’ call-in guest, Robert Zerilli.

As it turned out Robert Zerilli is the grandson of the original owners of Veniero’s Pastry Bakery on E. 11th Street in the East Village section of NYC. Several buildings next door to the bakery were owned by Teddy Randazzo’s father. Needless to say, Robert and Teddy Jr. had quite a bit of fun reminiscing about their grandfathers’ adjacent buildings and related details.

Veniero's Bakery

Frank’s Favorite dessert

One of the best customers of the bakery was Frank Sinatra and they have evidence to prove it. Frank is pictured with Robert’s father, the second owner of Veniero’s Bakery standing with Frank. Frank is holding a giant size version of his favorite cookie. They had made it especially for him.

The mention of Frank Sinatra reminded Tony Page of the YouTube videos he had discovered.  Teddy Randazzo was mentioned by name before Frank and Ella Fitzgerald sang a medley of songs including Teddy’s music. Frank is probably the most famous crooner to ever sing Teddy’s music. They both were musical geniuses, took their professions very seriously and had great respect for each other’s work.

All in all, yesterday’s ‘Two Paths’ was a huge success. Keith’s songs were played. A Little Anthony & The Imperials song was played. All the songs were songs that Teddy had written. Plenty of stories were told. It felt like a ‘Welcome Home’ party for Teddy Randazzo, at last.

This is my favorite Frank Sinatra song written by Teddy Randazzo. “Teddy Randazzo wrote some classic music.This is probably the ultimate accolade of his craft . . . .” From Phil Watson’s YouTube.com comment about this song.

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